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WOLF One year anniversary concert such a great fucking pic of tyler I took I swear!

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how cute
it took 20 hours to cook the butter and my patients paid off my favorite,special brownies.Happy 420

There’s nothing better than going home, the wonderful reminder that I’m fucking up, haven’t graduated, and I question the god of my family better enough I’m not a believer. Shit I don’t know what I believe, i know I don’t get the special feeling anymore when I go to church that might be a sign in itself. I think what bothers me the most is the high expectation that is always held for me. I should be a good believer, the forefront of the church helping an leading others, we’re not gonna help you tho, you should know this already just look who your parents are, look at your brother. It’s such shame your not like them. Oh my parents, it fucks with me how they look at me, or when they talk about my absent belief. Each day is self destructive and the answers I looks for have been found already. So why look? Cause I’ve saw the answers that we’re given and I’m looking for more




Woodgreen Community Service in Toronto designed this campaign as part of their Homeward Bound Program supporting struggling single mothers. [x] [via]

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So last night was interesting…. Good but it’s made me rethink somethings and just how I view relationships with people. T is like no other person I met, she makes you feel special, she’ll find you interesting, she’ll be open and share with you, you’ll feel good. She’s not mine, you can never own her, I’m strangely okay with that…





They are serving HDS [high definition shade] 👌👌

My Fearless Predecessors

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These brownies are working way too well

My Friday afternoon

20 hours later I think that’s enough time to let the cannibutter, it’s gonna be a good Sunday

I feel really indifferent about this weekend, I lied to my parents about this weekend, and now going home on Saturday. I’m getting way too excited for Friday, I want to have a good feeling about it, but my guts telling me this is just gonna end with a lot of fucked up feelings, self loathing and disappointment. But fuck me it’s all I’ve been thinking about this week and I can’t turn back now

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Why do pets alway seem find my room to dispose of their bodily fluids all over my carpet?